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Co-Founders Irina Tanenbaum, Wendy Bronfin and Veronica Price the launches of BRIGHT™, the health and technology company that fast-tracks scientific research to  create passive therapies and active wellness routines for cognitive health.

Formerly known as HomeoLux®, BRIGHT's team is comprised of mission-driven entrepreneurs, seasoned product developers, technologists, neurobiologists and business professionals to provide a cognitive decline solution and help those who want to live life to the fullest, regardless of age.

BRIGHT also introduces the next generation of BEACON40® light systems that enhances the safe, silent and easy-to-use features found in the original product as well as adding smart home connectivity capabilities in a sleek updated design.

With a mission to combat the looming threat of cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease for adults over 50, BRIGHT brings the first user-friendly, 40Hz wellness lamp available to consumers that is known to improve mental acuity, memory, attention and sleep. The company's core products combine technology with behavior and biology, to encourage brain health and wellness.

Beacon40 actualizes exciting new research that shows lights flickering at a rate of 40 times per second (40Hz) can mobilize special immune cells, microglia, that purge the amyloid beta plaque associated with Alzheimer's disease and dementia from the brain. A noninvasive and unobtrusive treatment, 40Hz light can help promote brain health for people living with Alzheimer's disease symptoms as well as those who are looking to prevent cognitive decline.

"About 1/3 of all dementia is preventable, yet there are 5.8 million people in the U.S. currently living with Alzheimer's disease," states Irina Tanenbaum, CEO of BRIGHT. "Alzheimer's is a global health crisis with no known cure. Experts agree that new approaches to therapy are essential for today's baby boomers. At BRIGHT we understand the urgency of the Alzheimer's epidemic. We aim to give people the tools and knowledge to decrease the chances of cognitive decline and increase the ability to live a long, healthy, engaged life."

Complementing scientifically proven methods to dramatically reduce the risk of cognitive decline including regular exercise, healthy diet and quality sleep, Beacon40 lights are safe and quiet with an elegant design that blends into any home or office environment. These nurturing lights fade into the background while users go about their daily routines like answering emails, reading or watching TV. BRIGHT recommends using Beacon40 at least one hour per day, every day to receive its full range of potential benefits.

Using the controls on the Beacon40 base, users can set preferences of light duration, color tone and brightness, as well as set daily timers. Users and caregivers can also connect Beacon40 to Google Home,

Amazon Alexa or Apple Home via the TUYA Smart app for a seamless smart home experience.


BRIGHT™ was founded to address the critical global Alzheimer's disease epidemic and to take the advancing Alzheimer's research out of the lab and into homes. Fast-tracking scientific research to create wellness  routines for enhanced brain health, BRIGHT lives at the intersection of wellness and technology to bring wellness products, platforms and experiences to families battling Alzheimer's disease as well as those who  want to prevent cognitive decline. The BRIGHT team is comprised of mission-driven entrepreneurs, seasoned  product developers, technologists, neurobiologists and business professionals with the determination to  harness the power of science to beat Alzheimer's disease and prevent cognitive decline.

For more information to visit,  https://getmebright.com/ 

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