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UroViu Corp has launched the new Hystero-V, a single-use hysteroscope compatible with UroViu's Always Ready endoscopy platform.

The 12-Fr, semi-rigid, Hystero-V features a hydrophilic coating enabling gentle insertion and superior visualization for highly effective intra-uterine examinations.

The single-use hysteroscope eliminates the need for reprocessing the equipment, and the ease-of-use, portability, and time-saving aspects of the Hystero-V mean more efficient and comfortable procedures for both doctors and patients.

I found the UroViu scope to be perfect for office hysteroscopy because of its wider field of view and low price point. 

The image quality was superior to any disposable scope I have worked with before," said Dr. Darin Swainston, obstetrician-gynecologist with Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada.

"Hysteroscopy with endometrial biopsy has become the standard of care.  UroViu is a great product to fill this need."  

The Hystero-V is UroViu's 4th FDA-510k-cleared single-use endoscopic solution and is compatible with UroViu's Always Ready endoscopy platform, consisting thus far of one reusable, self-contained portable handle, and three procedure-optimized single-use cystoscopes.

Single-Use scopes eliminate large up-front capital expenses and cost of reprocessing of reusable hysteroscopes and cystoscopes improving the economics of endoscopy.

"UroViu's innovative single-use endoscopy platform now provides even greater cost-effective and safe solutions for busy Urologists, Urogynecologists, and Gynecologists," said Bruce OuYang, UroViu's Founder and CEO.

"Every physician with this small platform in their hand can increase procedure volume through improved productivity without compromising patient comfort and safety." 

The cystoscopy and hysteroscopy platform, the most comprehensive portable single-use suite of endoscopes for urogynecology, will be introduced at the combined American Urogynecology Society (AUGS).

The UroViu team will be providing hands-on demonstrations of the Hystero-V and the Always Ready platform in Booth #417 at the AUGS' exhibit which will then be available for order starting July 1st.

UroViu is committed to introducing the latest advancements in patient care and bringing additional innovation in single-use endoscopy for indications in urology, urogynecology, and gynecology. The Hystero-V is the most recent of numerous advances in UroViu's drive for excellence in technology for women's health. 

About UroViu:

UroViu Corporation's mission is to revolutionize the cystoscopy and hysteroscopy platform for improved patient care and efficiency and has operations in California and Washington and production facilities in Asia. UroViu is the developer of the always-ready cystoscopy and hysteroscopy platform, the most portable, self-contained, and versatile single-use endoscopy solution on the market. The intuitive portable platform and product suite are protected by a portfolio of 20 granted and numerous pending patents. UroViu's vision is to simplify the scope of patient care.