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F.A.S.T.® AI Suite
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Fovia, Inc., a world leader in advanced visualization technology and the developer of High Definition Volume Rendering® and XStream® HDVR®, released a new artificial intelligence visualization platform, F.A.S.T.® AI Suite.

F.A.S.T. AI Suite bridges the gap between the thousands of AI algorithm developers seeking efficient distribution and the many PACS and Universal Viewer companies seeking a streamlined way to visualize and deliver meaningful AI results to radiologists and physicians.

F.A.S.T. AI Suite provides PACS and Universal Viewer companies an innovative way to integrate and visualize critical AI results seamlessly within existing radiology workflows. Using the robust set of zero-footprint developer tools from Fovia's F.A.S.T. Cloud Suite, companies can quickly build AI-driven diagnostic imaging workflows within their own visualization workstations and products.

Fovia is showcasing the visualization of results from numerous leading radiology AI vendors in a variety of results formats (e.g., DICOM Structured Report, DICOM Key Image, DICOM GSPS, and segmentation objects) at the 104th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). In one convenient interface, radiologists will have instant access to AI results from many third-party vendors. Radiologists will be able to easily visualize, accept, reject, modify, measure, annotate and archive, as appropriate, these results by using the comprehensive workflows and tools powered by Fovia's F.A.S.T. AI Suite.

"Fovia's F.A.S.T. AI Suite provides AI vendors' results directly within PACS and Universal Viewer workstations, eliminating the time-consuming and often inconvenient need for radiologists to launch external viewers. F.A.S.T. AI Suite enables efficient and time-saving interaction with AI results directly in the applications in which radiologists are doing their non-AI reading. We believe that this ability to fully interact with AI results in real time and without having to launch a new application will greatly accelerate the adoption of AI in the radiology field," stated industry veteran and Fovia Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Kreeger, PhD.

See F.A.S.T. AI Suite, including F.A.S.T. AI Annotation, at RSNA, Nov. 25 ‑ Nov. 29, in Chicago (Booths 6064 & 7010). To see a demonstration or learn more, contact us. For booth appointments at RSNA, send us a request today.

For additional information and to learn more about commercial, academic or research licensing, visit fovia.com or fovia.ai.

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