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The US Oncology Network Hosts Second Annual Boot Camp Focusing on New Value-Based Care and Payment Models (26.06.2017)
The US Oncology NetworkThe US Oncology Network (The Network) hosted its second annual boot camp last month in Dallas, focusing on various value-based care delivery and reimbursement models.
Acelity fortalece sua equipe de liderança comercial global e nomeia Ramesh Subrahmanian como presidente da região internacional (23.06.2017)
A Acelity L.P. Inc.A Acelity L.P. Inc., líder mundial no tratamento avançado de lesões, anunciou hoje que, a partir de 17 de julho, Ramesh Subrahmanian passará a integrar a empresa como presidente para a região internacional e membro da equipe de liderança sênior.
Research Insight Articles
Seventh Wave Announces Partnership to Advance Liver Disease Research (19.05.2017)
Seventh Wave Laboratories, a consulting-based contract research organization that assesses the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, has announced an exclusive collaboration with Yecuris Corporation, a global leader in the development and use of humanized models in drug development research.
Innovations: Evolent helps with high-risk patients (06.06.2016)
Active ImageIt's pretty well understood now that a small subset of patients drives most of the costs in healthcare. But on any given day, physicians aren't necessarily using their time to focus on these individuals.

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