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GENETWORx, a national diagnostics laboratory and health management services company, the launch of a program designed to add products, services and capacity to the GENETWORx portfolio of laboratory testing products, services, data, and technology.

The company's acquisition strategy is designed to accelerate GENETWORX ability to achieve its vision of improving the quality of life for all individuals by providing comprehensive personalized medicine through innovative, easily accessible solutions.

GENETWORx combines advancements in molecular and other diagnostics into actionable and patient-centered information to help physicians determine the most appropriate treatment regimen for each patient.

GENETWORx is looking to expand its molecular testing expertise in early cancer detection, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), genetic testing, Pharmacogenetics (PGx), and new and innovative molecular diagnostics for both healthcare provider and consumer use.

Steven Crossley, Head of Strategy for GENETWORx, said that a team of acquisition specialists will perform outreach to multiple prospects from diverse sectors of the industry including academic institutions, operating laboratory companies, innovators and inventors, divisions of large companies, and private equity firms.

"Our goal is to improve patient access to personalized, specific health data that will improve medical outcomes and reduce time of recovery," said Crossley. "GENETWORx is looking for diagnostic research and development companies which own products, information technology, and intellectual property that have been approved for delivery to the marketplace.

We are looking to partner with companies with unique assets, even those with no revenues and no EBITDA. With the expansive platform and customer base we have built, we have the ability to accelerate growth of organizations with compelling products and technologies," he said.

Since March of 2020, GENETWORx has processed over 8 million COVID-19 tests. The company also performs reflex tests, additional tests on the same samples ordered to identify four variants, including the Delta variant.

GENETWORx is currently working to validate the presence of the accelerating Omicron variant of the coronavirus in addition to other molecular reflex tests. Beyond COVID-19 testing, GENETWORx is a trusted early diagnostics laboratory partner for pharmacogenetics, infectious disease, cancer genomics, pathogen, and toxicology services.


GENETWORx is a leading national laboratory for over 3,600+ long-term care/elderly care facilities, state and local government agencies, large healthcare providers and systems, universities, K-12 school districts, and Fortune 500 companies providing a full continuum of population test management services inclusive of an integrated app-based platform (Aura), and full customer service support team. Additionally, GENETWORx is an early diagnostics laboratory partner for pharmacogenetics, infectious disease, cancer genomics, pathogen, and toxicology services.

For more information please visit ,https://genetworx.com/