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Medterra, a leader in wellness solutions, the launch of its newest product, Natural Pain Relief capsules. A cutting-edge, natural alternative to traditional pain relievers.

Medterra Natural Pain Relief is a clinically proven*, plant-based pain reliever formulated to alleviate muscle pain, joint stiffness and inflammation without the negative side effects often associated with over the counter (OTC) options.

Medterra Natural Pain Relief is fueled by a dynamic combination of inflammation-reducing Turmeric and *Levagen®+ PEA (palmitoylethanolamide), a nearly twice as bioavailable form of regular PEA that is clinically proven to reduce minor aches and pains in as little as three days when used consistently.

A fatty acid amide naturally produced by the body, PEA often presents at decreased levels in chronic pain sufferers. Supplementing PEA effectively activates endocannabinoid receptors in the body that bind to cell receptors for reduced muscle pain and joint stiffness with no adverse side effects.

"With the unprecedented launch of our new Natural Pain Relief capsules, Medterra is disrupting the segment by delivering powerful results that don't compromise whole body health in order to be free from chronic pain," said Medterra SVP of Brand, Khaled Elsawwah.

"As we continue to expand our robust line of wellness products to support our customers in living the lives they love, we are excited to offer this 100% plant-based, pain relief solution in an easy, once-a-day dose without unwanted side effects."

Medterra's commitment to quality formulas and innovative solutions puts consumer health and wellness needs at the forefront.

A potent powerhouse formulated for natural pain relief, all ingredients for the new Natural Pain Relief capsules are found in nature, vegan and backed by science to ensure a safe and effective solution, while meeting the highest standards for consumer care – and our planet's. Full product details include:

Medterra Natural Pain Relief ($49.99): A clinically proven*, plant-based pain reliever formulated to alleviate muscle pain, joint stiffness and inflammation while promoting whole body wellness.

Fueled by *Levagen®+ PEA (525mg) which has been clinically proven to reduce pain and Turmeric (150mg) which helps to combat inflammation. Take one capsule per day over a prolonged period to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Medterra Natural Pain Relief is available now at www.medterra.com, where all Medterra products provide consumers with true seed to sale purchases from industrial hemp grown and extracted in accordance with the strict regulatory guidelines that guarantee third-party testing to ensure consistency and quality.


Founded in 2017, Medterra is wellness support designed for real life. Through the development of quality formulas fueled by the best science-backed, emerging natural ingredients that are put to the test by the most rigorous standards in the industry, Medterra's mission is to deliver wellness solutions that anyone can understand and everyone can feel. With accessible, educational information and innovative products inclusive of gummies, tinctures, topicals, capsules and more, customers are equipped with the power to take control of their mental and physical wellbeing.

For more information, please visit www.medterra.com.