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Scar Control
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SkinCeuticals, the #1 Medical Skincare Brand,1 the introduction of their latest innovation, Advanced Scar Control. The new semi-occlusive treatment is designed to protect vulnerable skin to help improve the appearance of new and recent scars.

Delivered as an invisible, non-sticky, non-greasy texture formulation, Advanced Scar Control offers long-lasting protection for optimal scar care.

Formulated with silicones combined with complementary soothing ingredients, this protective technology is clinically proven to improve scar's overall appearance, reduce visible redness, soften and smooth scar texture, and reduce the intensity of visible scar discoloration.

Advanced Scar Control is specifically formulated for different types of scars and is appropriate for multiple skin types and tones. Additionally, it is an ideal complement to post-procedure scar care for procedures such as Mohs surgery, full-thickness excision, and scar revision surgery, among others.

Key ingredients include 95% silicones, a widely recognized ingredient in the medical community for scar care that helps retain skin's hydration and allows for versatile application as it can be used on the face and irregular skin of scar surfaces, 0.5% Allantoin to soothe and protect the skin, 2.0% fatty acids to help condition skin and improve the appearance of dryness and 1.0% ultralight silica to provide a non-sticky texture and smooth glide upon application.

In a 12-week clinical study subjects saw a significant improvement in new and recent scar redness, discoloration, raised texture, and rough texture. Participants saw an improvement in scar's appearance by up to 29%, a reduction in visible redness by up to 89%, softening and smoothing of scars by 23% and a reduction in the intensity of discoloration by 33%.2

"We are eager to introduce Advanced Scar Control to our product portfolio for our physicians and their patients," explains Stephanie Kramer, US General Manager of SkinCeuticals. "With the addition of Advanced Scar Control, we can now ensure that there is a clinically-tested, high quality post-procedure and post-surgery treatment that works hand in hand with our at-home offerings for the highest level of integrated skincare for our consumers."

"In my practice, I've seen that different attributes such as age, skin tone, hormones, and injury location can impact scar appearance. Regardless of these factors, a high-grade silicone treatment can help skin retain hydration to prevent scar formation and protect the wound from external factors," notes SkinCeuticals partner physician Dr. Catherine S. Chang. She continues, "That's why I'm so excited about Advanced Scar Control, which contains a high-concentration of silicone to deliver soothing protection to all scars, whether they come as a result of a cosmetic procedure or an unintended wound."

SkinCeuticals Advanced Scar Control is available for $110 at SkinCeuticals.com, as well as partner skincare professionals nationwide.

1 Source: 2020 Kline Professional Skincare: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities
2 Data on File, Protocol: 12-week clinical study on 30 male and female subjects ages 22-51 presenting with a scar <5 inches in size that developed over the previous 1-3 months on the face or body due to surgery, burns, or abrasions. Advanced Scar Control was applied daily as needed in conjunction with a sunscreen. Efficacy evaluations were conducted at baselines and at weeks 2, 4, 8, and 12.


Founded in Dallas, TX in 1997, SkinCeuticals discovers, develops and delivers an advanced line of scientifically backed cosmeceutical treatments.  As leaders in antioxidant and sun protection technology, SkinCeuticals products have been shown to dramatically improve skin health by protecting skin from environmental damage and visibly improving skin clarity, tone, and texture to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

For more information, visit skinceuticals.com.

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