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CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution Plus Systems
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University Health System’s main hospital in San Antonio, Texas, has an impressive reputation for delivering outstanding patient care. For the past seven years, U.S. News & World Report has ranked it as the best in the San Antonio area.

The hospital installed five CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution Plus Systems (see video link) and 12 CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray Systems that provide rapid access to high-quality images throughout the 740-bed facility.

“Converting to digital radiography allows us to achieve excellent image quality, rapid image access and impressive staff productivity that can expedite diagnosis and treatment,” said Russell Anthony, University Hospital’s Radiology Supervisor.

“Our service engineers track imaging performance for imaging systems and detectors. They are extremely pleased with Carestream’s advanced diagnostics and remote monitoring capabilities—as well as the ability of Carestream’s service team to resolve many issues remotely,” Mr. Anthony adds.

Three room-based imaging systems and three mobile imaging systems deliver fully featured, high-quality imaging in the hospital’s fast-paced emergency department. DRX-Evolution Plus and DRX-Revolution systems also are installed in the trauma center and the new pediatric ED. Room and mobile exams reach 18,000 imaging exams a month.

“Carestream software tracks sensors on each system and detector so our service engineers know about each knock and drop. They know which technologist was using the system and how badly the system was damaged,” according to Mr. Anthony. “This monitoring ensures that our systems are performing at peak capacity. It is also a testament to the durability of Carestream’s systems because they are extremely reliable even with hard use.”

Each DRX-Revolution travels an average of 180 miles a month, according to the hospital’s service engineers. “These mobile imaging systems are used around the clock and we have been extremely pleased with both their performance and durability,” said Mr. Anthony.

Each imaging system is configured to maximize productivity for its imaging environment. The ED’s room-based imaging systems have fixed detectors in the wall stand and a wireless detector for table and tabletop exams, while the trauma center is configured with a 17 x 17 inch wireless detector in the wall Bucky and standard-size wireless detectors for table and tabletop exams.

“We elected to have fixed detectors in the wall stand in the ED because this expedites complex exams while simultaneously reducing the risk of dropped detectors,” Mr. Anthony reports.

The pediatric ED has one standard-size detector and a small-format 10 x 12 inch CARESTREAM DRX 2530C cesium iodide detector that allows technologists to capture high-resolution X-ray images of babies with a minimum dose. The small-format detector fits into incubator trays, which avoids the need to move fragile infants who are connected to multiple tubes and lines.

The hospital also retrofitted two fluoroscopy rooms, several general radiography rooms and one portable unit with DRX detectors to convert these systems to digital radiography.

About University Health System

University Health System is a nationally recognized teaching hospital and network of outpatient healthcare centers, owned by the residents of Bexar County. In partnership with UT Health San Antonio, it is a leader in advanced treatment options, new technologies and clinical research. For the past seven years, U.S. News & World Report has ranked University Hospital as the best in the San Antonio area. University Health System is Bexar County and South Texas’ first health system to earn Magnet status. Magnet status offers patients reassurance they are being cared for by a team of nurses with a proven track record of providing excellent care and positive outcomes for their patients. For more information please visit www.universityhealthsystem.com.

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