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It’s surgery
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Here's an idea that's guaranteed to make you blink. If special interests in Denver have their way, individuals who have never completed the required medical education or years of surgical training may soon have the authority to operate on the eyes of Colorado citizens.

HB 1233 now under consideration in the Colorado State Senate would allow non-surgeons – optometrists to perform eye surgery in Colorado.

Yet, in a recent survey conducted by Magellan Strategies, a Colorado research organization, 77% of Colorado voters oppose changing the law that would allow non-surgeons the authority to perform eye surgery in Colorado.

Such a proposed major change in the delivery of surgical care would seem to generate a great deal of public debate. But special interests seem to be successful in keeping this discussion between legislators within the halls of the capitol.

For example, the Magellan survey found that 96% of Colorado voters have not received any information from their State Senator or Representative asking them their opinion of this radical change and its impact on surgical eye care and safety.

"It is imperative that Colorado voters let their state Senators and Representatives know that eye surgery by non-surgeons is unacceptable," said Lauren Lehman, Safe Eyes America Board member.

The clock is ticking, "Let them know that only medical doctors and surgeons should be allowed to operate on the only eyes you will ever have. If you don't this law could pass before you blink."

HB-1233 is currently up for consideration in the Senate Appropriations Committee. Colorado legislature is scheduled to adjourn May 11th.

For more information please visit, https://www.safeeyesamerica.org/

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