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Single-Use Speculum
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Ceek Women's Health, an award-winning medical device company, is proud to introduce the Nella Single-Use Vaginal Speculum with Integrated Sidewall Retractors and LED Light.

This innovative speculum was designed by women for women, along with trusted clinicians to enhance patient comfort, while providing clinicians with cervical visualization and a reliable and easy-to-use tool for gynecological exams and procedures.

The Nella Single-Use Vaginal Speculum is a unique product that combines several features into one easy-to-use device. The speculum has a quiet operating mechanism, includes an LED light on the upper bill so light is not blocked by fluids, and features integrated sidewall retractors that allow for optimal visualization during exams and procedures. The narrow bills improve patient comfort for a better patient experience. Because the speculum is single-use, it also eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.

"We are thrilled to introduce the Nella Single Use," said Fahti Khosrowshahi, founder and CEO of Ceek Women's Health. "This modern Nella Single-Use is a game-changer for gynecological exams, as it combines several features into one easy-to-use device to improve patient comfort while giving clinicians the cervical visualization and access they need. The Nella Single-Use fits perfectly into our portfolio of products and establishes Ceek as a leader in developing a modern speculum for daily use on patients, during gynecological exams and procedures."

The Nella single-use speculum has 7 key superior benefits:

    Quiet Operation to help reduce patient anxiety.
    Narrow bills for a more comfortable patient experience.
    Integrated sidewall retractors for improved cervical visualization and access.
    One-size fits most, for simpler SKU Management.
    Integrated LED light on the upper bill for direct illumination of the vaginal walls and cervix without the risk of blocking due to blood and fluid.
    Made from a strong, premium material to help improve patient safety.
    Ergonomically designed for clinicians.

"We understand that clinicians are busy and need reliable tools that are easy to use," said Khosrowshahi. "The Nella Single-Use Vaginal Speculum with Integrated Sidewall Retractors and LED Light has been carefully designed over a 4-year period to take advantage of the latest in material science to give clinicians an ergonomically modern tool that is both user-friendly and patient friendly."

Company Name: Ceek Women's Health
About Company: Ceek Women's Health is a medical device company focused on creating modern tools that improve quality of care and patient comfort. Founded in 2018, Ceek was born out of founder and CEO Fahti Khosrowshahi's personal experience enduring infertility treatment. Realizing that many of the devices used in gynecological care are antiquated, Fahti started Ceek to develop modern tools and help women receive the care they deserve. Ceek's process is to understand the user experience from both the patient and clinician perspectives and uncover opportunities often overlooked by others.