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SteriRad, Antimicrobial Treatment System for Cannabis
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Precision X-Ray, Inc. ("Precision"), a global leader in cabinet X-ray irradiators, is pleased to announce the launch of SteriRad, an innovative antimicrobial X-Ray system designed to terminate pathogenic microbes on harvested cannabis buds and ground plants.

This X-Ray-based decontamination process is an effective approach to preventing unwanted microbial growth on harvested cannabis without degrading the inherent levels of cannabinoids and terpenes

SteriRad achieves this result by leveraging Precision's twenty years of experience and leadership in biological X-Ray cabinet systems. Using a cold process, which does not produce heat that can adversely affect the quality of the final product, SteriRad enables cultivators to meet stringent regulatory requirements in states and countries around the world.

"Precision prides itself on knowing and anticipating its customer's needs. That is why we embarked on this journey in a new market of biological decontamination. We are very excited to deploy this proven technology to growers worldwide, ensuring the safety and quality of their products." said Viktoriya Baytser, CEO.

"SteriRad provides the cultivators with the peace of mind knowing that their premium products will pass the stringent microbial testing, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience for both medicinal and recreational cannabis consumers," added Bill McLaughlin, Director of Strategic Innovation.

Company Name: Precision X-Ray, Inc
About Company: Headquartered in Madison, Connecticut, Precision is the largest global manufacturer of cabinet x-ray irradiation systems providing safe, reliable, and reproducible results. Since the turn of the century, we continue to provide thousands of partners around the world with products that lead technological innovation in commercial, agricultural, and academic irradiation treatment fields.