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T6 Health System
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T6 Health Systems, developer of a software solution that captures data and provides contextual clinical content during the care of acutely ill and severely injured patients, was selected by the U.S. military.

To revolutionize efficacy of healthcare delivery in austere environments to the highest level of care in the most extreme situations for America's military personnel.

After thorough evaluation and head-to-head competition with leading government- owned and commercial off-the-shelf technologies, T6's fit-for-purpose solution was chosen by the U.S. military to modernize the capture, analysis, and movement of patient data during Damage Control Resuscitation, Damage Control Surgery, and Prolonged Casualty Care in Role 1 and Role 2 medical treatment facilities.

"At T6 it is mission critical to leverage real-time information to help save lives and improve outcomes, so working with the military and serving our troops is a logical and gratifying product application," said T6 Chief Strategy Officer Igor Muravyov. "T6 currently is in use at world-class civilian Level I trauma centers throughout the United States. "

"We are working to improve patient outcomes through better data collection and timely information along the entire continuum of care, starting at the point of need,"  Muravyov continued.

"To achieve this, our human-centered user interface captures patient data and visualizes vital information to help make critical decisions under time pressure."

Historically, the injuries and the associated care in austere environments is recorded using pen-and-paper, which has led to missing data for as many as 9 in 10 patients and resulted in gaps in care as patients move from point of need through evacuation, and stateside definitive care.

Previously deployed and studied at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, and at Craig Joint Theatre Hospital at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, T6 was proven superior to pen-and-paper for completeness and accuracy of data capture for injured patients.

"Our long-term focus is on medical performance optimization through knowledge of everything that happened and when it happened," Muravyov said. "Our analytics measure clinical treatment variability to improve training and help policy makers refine guidelines and standards for medical practice."

T6 software is one of a suite of technologies the U.S. military is implementing to provide a modern, seamless operational medicine care delivery platform.

Company Name: T6 Health Systems
About Company: The care of acutely ill and injured patients is rapidly evolving from standardization and process control, to embracing complexity, resilience, and high reliability. Modern resuscitation teams are increasingly integrated and data-driven to become greater than the sum of their parts, and to push the boundaries of process and outcome. Focused on fast-paced, decisive, and resource-intensive disciplines, T6 provides the volume and velocity of health data collection and analytics to catalyze this transformation and improve outcomes of patients and strengthen finances of health systems. We are honored to be on this incredibly important journey.