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Tablo Hemodialysis System at home
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Fifty-seven year old dialysis patient Tracey Amadi of central New Jersey is the first person in the world to use Outset Medical’s mobile Tablo Hemodialysis System at home since it received FDA clearance on March 31.

She and her 21 year old daughter trained to use the system at Physicians Dialysis in Somerville, New Jersey, with nephrologist Dr. Sunit Kabaria and staff members.

Tablo’s intuitive touchscreen interface combines sensor-based automation designed to enhance the patient experience. It does this by accelerating the training process, reducing treatment set up time, and streamlining the treatment process at home.

The four-wheel system only needs an electrical outlet and tap water connection to automatically produce dialysate required for dialysis. It includes a wireless cloud connection to monitor data. This simplicity contrasts with older systems approved for home use which require separate equipment for purifying water and generating dialysate, plus a number of manual steps to complete treatment.

“I am thrilled to be using this amazing system at home,” said Ms. Amadi. “I started dialysis in 2008 and briefly had another system at home. Tablo has been so easy to learn and use. It gives me a lot more control over my life and time, which saves my family and I many hours each week.”

Dr. Kabaria said he and his colleagues at Physicians Dialysis are excited to be the first team in the world to train a patient for home treatment with Tablo.

“There is a growing demand for dialysis,” said Dr. Kabaria. “The COVID-19 pandemic has put even more stress on treatment centers. Tablo will allow more patients to have greater freedom and control over their lives.”

Physicians Dialysis President Daniel Jacob echoed those comments, adding, “We care for nearly a thousand patients in New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Virginia and Texas. The more options we can offer them, the better.”

Outset Medical CEO Leslie Trigg said this initial home use of Tablo is a milestone for the fast growing company.

“Tablo was designed to simplify the process of dialysis for patients, making it easier for them to care for themselves in the comfort of their own home. We are excited for more patients like Ms. Amadi to be able to use Tablo in the home.”

The Tablo system was confirmed safe and effective for home use in a 2019, prospective, multicenter, home hemodialysis trial with 30 patients. The results were published in November 2019 in Hemodialysis International.

Dialysis is currently delivered to more than 550,000 U.S. patients several times per week to remove waste products and excess fluid from patients with kidney failure. Although more than 85 million dialysis treatments take place in the United States each year at an estimated annual cost of ~$75 billion, little meaningful technology or service model innovation has been introduced in decades.

For more information visit www.outsetmedical.com

Company Name: Outset Medical
About Company: Outset Medical is dedicated to technology-driven service model innovation aimed at reducing cost and transforming the patient care experience. Outset’s Tablo System is FDA-cleared for use in acute, chronic, and home care settings.
Person of Contact: Kevin Knight
Phone: 206-451-4823

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