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SIFT-MS, Syft Tracer TM
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Syft Technologies today announced the release of its next generation Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) technology, Syft Tracer™, at Pittcon 2023. This innovation of real-time, direct injection mass spectrometry (MS) offers platform advancements such as greater sensitivity, unparalleled performance stability, and high reproducibility and repeatability that make the system an industry-scalable solution. Analytical workflows that require fast time to data, high throughput, and continuous operation will benefit significantly from Syft Tracer capabilities.

SIFT-MS is a form of direct mass spectrometry. It applies precisely controlled chemical ionization reactions to detect and quantify trace amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inorganic gases. SIFT-MS delivers real-time, chromatography-free direct analysis of compounds that traditionally require intensive sample preparation. No sample preparation is required for even complex matrices and high-humidity samples. It analyzes compounds that cannot be easily targeted by traditional chromatographic methods such as formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, ethylene oxide, and nitrosamines. SIFT-MS is designed to be accessible to non-technical users and generates data that is easy to interpret.

"Syft Tracer is the culmination of the past few years of product development intended to address specific industry needs," commented Alex Fala, Chief Executive Officer of Syft Technologies. "We are excited to witness the breakthroughs that our customers experience in their workflows that allow them to make critical decisions sooner."

Traditional chromatography-based methods require extensive sample preparation, long run-times, and expertise to interpret the data. In addition, sample preparation leaves the potential for some volatile product contaminants to escape detection. SIFT-MS systems eliminate the need for sample preparation, thereby enabling quantitative analysis of volatile compounds in real-world settings. Syft's technology also provides instant results to non-technical users in a user-friendly format.

"We have already seen the impact that SIFT-MS has had to making consumer and pharmaceutical products safer," stated Alex Fala, "I expect Syft Tracer to revolutionize how products and environments are tested beyond those markets. The speed, simplicity, and robust performance of this system make it an obvious choice for a wide range of industries."

For more information please visit, https://www.syft.com/

Company Name: Syft Technologies
About Company: Syft was founded in 2002 and has over 150 professionals in 7 countries. Syft is considered the world leader in real-time, direct injection mass spectrometry with more than 20 years of SIFT-MS expertise. Syft instruments support a broad range of industries worldwide including semiconductor manufacturing, pharma and CDMOs, environmental protection, automotive, food, flavor and fragrance, and many more. We have offices throughout the world offering 24/7 service and support including those in New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany and the U.S.