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Cervella Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator System
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Innovative Neurological Devices is pleased to the availability of a no-cost medical device authorization service for patients interested in purchasing the Cervella Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator™. 

Patients can obtain a medical device authorization for Cervella by following instructions during check-out on the company web-site. Cervella is an award-winning, patented FDA-cleared medical device for treatment of anxiety and insomnia.

Cervella works by delivering micro pulses of electrical current across a patient's brain. According to clinical studies, this electrical stimulation results in reduction in anxiety levels, insomnia, and the patient's depressive mood. Cervella comes with a 30-day risk-free evaluation period.

"Cervella has been clinically validated as a safe and effective alternative to drug-based therapies without the side-effects that often exist with the use of antidepressants," commented Mr. Bart Waclawik, President and CEO of Innovative Neurological Devices.

"The pandemic and associated world events have brought the levels of anxiety to new heights. Unfortunately, due to various factors, many patients have difficulty obtaining prescriptions for the Cervella device. We hope that by offering them a no-cost telehealth option through an independent licensed healthcare provider, we eliminate one of the main barriers for obtaining this medical device," added Mr. Waclawik.

"We believe that by incorporating treatment electrodes into a noise-canceling headset, patient compliance will increase and, consequently, treatment outcomes will improve. Furthermore, by making the Cervella device appear indistinguishable from ordinary over-ear headphones, patients will have the freedom to use the device in a discreet way which is important for anxiety patients," added Mr. Waclawik.

For more information, please visit www.cervella.us.

Company Name: Innovative Neurological Devices
About Company: Cervella is the world's first Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator (CES) with patented conductive treatment electrodes that have been seamlessly integrated into noise-canceling Bluetooth-enabled headphones. Patients can use the audio and noise canceling features of the headphones during treatment, which allows them to use the device during study, work, or play. Cervella is also the first and only CES device that is managed through an app on a smart device allowing for automated treatment data recording aimed at improving patient treatment outcomes. In sum, Cervella is designed to fit into a patient's lifestyle, not the other way around.
Person of Contact: Bart Waclawik

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