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PCI's BlueCrest Vantage
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In keeping with its mission to embrace innovation and leverage cutting-edge technology, Postal Center International® (PCI®) has made a strategic investment in not one but two new state-of-the-art BlueCrest Vantage Mixed Thickness and Mixed Weight Flat Sorters — the first ones in the United States running on the NetSort platform.

The new Vantage Sorters, powered by BlueCrest, are officially installed and fully operational at PCI’s Presort Mail facilities in New England and Texas, providing enterprise companies with increased speed, accuracy, and throughput.

Ismael Diaz — President & CEO of the mail, print, fulfillment, signs, packaging, promotional, and marketing solutions provider — said the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and speed to market remains steadfast as PCI continues to evolve and grow its footprint nationally.

“Innovation is at the heart of what we do at PCI. These are the first BlueCrest Vantage Mixed Thickness and Mixed Weight Flat Sorters for use in sorting outgoing United States Postal Service (USPS) flats and mail, powered by the advanced NetSort platform. This marks the pioneering use of this advanced technology in our sorting operations. We take pride in consistently seeking new and effective ways to enhance our operations and solutions. The sorters align seamlessly with our vision, offering technology that not only elevates our mail-sorting capabilities but also underscores our dedication to delivering excellence in every facet of our operations,” said Diaz. “This investment reaffirms our position at the forefront of the industry, poised to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our clients. Exciting times lie ahead as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and enhance efficiency.”

Tom Roberts, Senior VP of Client Experience, labeled the acquisition of the new sorters as a game changer for flat mail presort processing.

“A feature of the new sorters is that they weigh each flat-size envelope as it comes through, thereby applying accurate postage to each piece. Prior to this, mail was separated and weighed manually. We have now moved into a fully automated system for flat mail processing, which will ultimately benefit our clients, as the sorters accurately weigh and ensure the lowest postage rate possible while expediting processing,” said Roberts. “PCI plans to have the Vantage Mixed Mail Sorters across all facilities as demand in flat mail processing continues to increase.”

Carl Amacker, Chief Marketing Officer at BlueCrest, described the sorters as a technological breakthrough.

“The uniqueness for PCI is that this is the first Vantage running on NetSort, a groundbreaking achievement that underscores our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge solutions. This milestone represents a significant step forward for both PCI and BlueCrest, showcasing our joint dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering unparalleled value to our customers,” said Amacker.

According to BlueCrest’s website, the sorters use the NetSort platform, which supports the intricacies of postal preparation rules and keeps pace with changing rules and guidelines. They are designed for adaptability, allowing users to customize their sorting configuration according to specific needs. Powering the Vantage is the sophisticated BlueCrest SortEngine 360 Software, ensuring consistent delivery of the highest levels of productivity, cost savings, and operational efficiency across various sortation processes.

In September 2023, PCI was selected by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to represent the country’s mail community at the National Postal Customer Council’s Week main event in Boston. Ismael Diaz, after completing his duties as the event’s guest speaker, was recognized with a commemorative US Postal Freedom Stamp, which serves as a poignant symbol celebrating the enduring values and liberties that unite and empower our nation’s citizens.

Also, in 2023, PCI was named South Florida Business Journal’s (SFBJ) Business of the Year Award Winner in the $250 million to $500 million revenue category. That recognition came on the heels of other preeminent SFBJ listings, including #18 on the 2023 Fastest Growing Companies List. We were also recognized with a Sustainability & Green Visionary Award from the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SFLHCC) for our dedication to sustainable business practices in our daily operations.


BlueCrest is the innovative leader in postal and parcel automation solutions. With a focus on operational efficiency, customer experience, and technology integration, BlueCrest empowers businesses to achieve success through streamlined processes and meaningful connections from data through delivery.

Company Name: Postal Center International
About Company: With its roots deeply entrenched in family, Postal Center International® (PCI®) was started in 1984 by father-and-son entrepreneurs Luis and Arturo Echarte. Four years later, co-founder Susan Echarte joined the operations, which is a leading print, mail, fulfillment, signs, and marketing solutions partner. Led by President & CEO Ismael Diaz since 2006, PCI is renowned as one of the nation’s largest state-of-the-art transactional printing, postal, and mail processing service organizations. The company’s family of brands employs more than 520 associates, with annual sales in excess of $500 million, at its locations in Florida, Texas, and New England, with a footprint totaling more than 500K square feet. PCI delivers exceptional print, mail, signs, fulfillment, promotional, packaging, and marketing solutions for enterprise clients in industries such as banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, hospitality, and government nationwide.